SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take for proper SEO techniques to take effect?
A. For local sites in a niche/specialized market, it could simply be a matter of days or a few weeks. For sites competing nationally or globally in a crowded market, it could take a year or more. Health care providers are generally localized in scope, but the market is usually relatively competitive, so the onset of effect could take a few weeks or months.

Q. Why can’t you guarantee a first position ranking for a given keyword like other SEO providers?
A. Such a guarantee is misleading and disingenuous. No one can guarantee a first page, first place ranking for any keyword – there are simply too many factors that are uncontrollable for this to be possible. If an SEO provider makes such a guarantee, you should RUN as fast as possible in the opposite direction!

Q. What are some of the factors that lead to a higher search engine ranking that are impossible to control?
A. There are several, including the age of your website, the competitiveness of your market, and the actions of your competitors. The best SEO agency Sydney can try to manage the effect of these factors, but ultimately the top search engines have the control based on their specific ranking algorithms.

Q. I often hear about ‘on-page optimization’ vs. ‘off-page optimization’ – do I need both?
A. Best results for the health care industry require both. With on-page optimization, we provide you with a clean, W3C compliant code that is easy for the search engines to navigate. With off-page optimization, we build links and create a search engine marketing campaign that not only elevates your page rank but brings you highly-targeted traffic as well.

Q. Do I really need SEO that is specialized for the health care industry?
A. Absolutely! SEO services have broad similarities from industry to industry, but the best results can only be achieved if the unique requirements of the health care industry are a part of the equation. You want an SEO provider who has intimate knowledge of the needs of care providers, in order to deliver the most effective service.

Q. If I have SEO in place, why would I need search engine marketing?
A. Search engine marketing (SEM) provides an additional array of tools to elevate page rank, increase traffic, and drive conversions, including pay-per-click advertising, affiliate programs, social media, articles, press releases, etc. It can be very effective, is a more active technique than SEO, and may deliver results more quickly.

Q. What do the search engine companies think about optimization efforts?
A. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and the other search engine companies are very supportive of SEO efforts. They do not view SEO as ‘gaming the system,’ but as a necessary part of creating accurate rankings and search results. This is, of course, critical in the healthcare industry, where proper SEO ensures that patients are directed to quality care providers in their area.