Local Search

Local search optimization is a crucial part of ensuring that your organic search results are as effective as they can be. When a potential patient in your area types in a search query for a doctor, practitioner, or health care provider, you want your practice at the top of the list… or as near to it as possible. Paid advertisements are also an option, and may be effective in spurring new patients, especially if you are new to the area.

Many search sites have options for additional content – SEO 1 Medical can help make sure that your neighbors hear the great things that make your practice special! Here is an overview of the main local search sites and how we can help optimize your listing:

Google Maps
As the world’s number one search engine, Google’s local directories are a great place to start for local search optimization. When a query is entered, Google provides users with both paid and organic listings. SEO 1 Medical will make sure that your listing appears as close to the top as possible, and if you want a paid listing, we will create an ad that gets you traffic.

Yahoo! Local
Yahoo!’s local service is very similar to Google’s. It incorporates several different categories of content, including directory information, maps, user reviews, local event listings, and more. Paid ads on Yahoo! are very prominent, making it the best place to go to optimize a search engine marketing campaign. We will work to make your listing complete, as well as engineer it to leap to the top of the page.

Bing Maps
Bing is the newcomer to the scene, but its share of the search engine market is rapidly rising. Many people prefer a Bing search because the option for getting directions is more prominent. In any case, Bing’s listings include both paid and organic results – we will work to get you to the top no matter what option you choose.

Additional Local Search Options
There are several other websites that, while not as widely-visited as the major search engines, can be very helpful in optimizing local search results:

  • Yelp is a local directory that hosts numerous business reviews and forum discussions from its very active users.
  • City Search is an established business directory that also includes address & contact information and reviews.
  • Localeze is an aggregator website and an important database of local business listings.