Article Marketing

Article marketing is an established organic SEO tactic that has evolved from similar strategies that have been in use in the print market for decades. A successful article marketing campaign delivers several advantages to a small business:

  • establishes credibility as an information leader
  • increases visibility
  • creates a web of relationships with like-minded service providers
  • delivers outstanding results at relatively low cost

What Is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is an online marketing strategy that leverages the power of targeted, concise, informative articles to drive traffic to your website. The articles are distributed to various other websites on the Internet, or collected on your own website. The resulting network of links to your website drives additional traffic, and the informative content positions you as an expert in your field, with all the advantages that your sought-after expertise will bring.

A little bit of article content can go a long way. For example, just prior to flu & cold season a good series of articles might be based on titles like, “Ten Places in the Home Where Germs Multiply” or “Top Foods to Help Fight the Sniffles” or “How to Minimize Your Exposure to the Flu Virus in the Workplace.” A series of helpful, informative articles like this, targeted to the right sites at the right time, can garner a lot of attention and visits to your site.

Care must be taken to ensure that articles actually provide information that is useful. Spammy articles that are packed with keywords, but light on helpful information, can actually hurt your reputation as a qualified care provider, and earn ranking penalties for your website from the major search engines.

Bringing Article Marketing Expertise to the Health Care Industry

Article marketing is one of our specialties for our clients. Because SEO 1 Medical focuses on the health care industry and care providers, we know everything you need to elevate your search engine ranking through the use of authoritative articles: which keywords drive traffic, which ones convert the best, where best to place your articles, and much more. We can elevate your website into a trusted industry resource, buoying your status as an expert in your field and ensuring that visibility & new clients will never be a problem.