Online Marketing by Practice

SEO 1 Medical specializes in search engine optimization for the health care industry. Why does that make a difference? One of the huge benefits we offer our clients is our intimate knowledge of the keywords that will drive traffic and win new patients. Properly researched keywords are a crucial part of building effective & lasting organic SEO results.

Keywords Designed to Fit Your Practice

Properly selected keywords reflect how potential clients search for the medical services you provide. Indicating your service area is just as important as specifying the services. As an example, let us say that you are a chiropractor with an office in West Los Angeles. The keywords that will be of greatest value to you are ‘chiropractor West Los Angeles’ or ‘chiropractor West LA,’ because that is what most potential clients will be typing into Google, Yahoo! or Bing in order to find the help they are looking for.

But it is not that simple. At SEO 1 Medical, we know how people look for information on the Internet, particularly how they seek out local care providers. In the above example, ‘chiropractor’ is not enough, and we might add additional terms like ‘back pain,’ ‘spinal injury,’ ‘worker’s comp,’ and several other terms, all of which reflect the circumstances of how actual people search for a chiropractor. That is the SEO 1 Medical advantage – we have been doing this for years, so we know how patients will try to find you!

The Importance of Localized SEO Results

Location is of great importance for health care providers, since service is localized and patients will want to select a provider that is nearby. In the above example, it is important that ‘West Los Angeles’ is among the keywords, along with nearby cities & neighborhoods:
Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills… these are all near enough to be worthy of inclusion. It is equally important to know where to draw the line. Including more distant areas – eg. Pasadena, Long Beach, Woodland Hills – serves only to dilute your SEO efforts, since most patients in those areas would be unwilling to travel such a long distance.

This is just one example. We help medical offices and health care practitioners get in touch with new patients every day – keywords are an important part of guaranteeing great SEO results, and that is just one aspect of how we deliver.