Press Release Distribution

Press release marketing can be a powerful tool as part of an integrated online marketing plan. At SEO 1 Medical, we have proven expertise at designing press releases that get noticed and, more importantly, get results: increased traffic from motivated visitors. We also have the contacts and the know-how to get press releases onto the pages of websites that matter, and that will cement your position as a respected industry presence. You need managed publicity for your website handled effectively & efficiently… trust us to do it.

How Does a Press Release Work?

The word ‘press’ can be a little misleading, as many people think that term means only major news outlets like television, newspapers, and magazines. However, in today’s digital world, information is distributed in any number of non-traditional ways, and small-scale operations have taken over many journalistic functions. A press release that is part of an online marketing campaign can be directed to online trade publications, informational websites, prominent bloggers, local directories, and many related sites, creating a wide-ranging area of effect.

A press release is designed to elicit favorable media coverage for your practice. Whether you are announcing new services, extended hours or service areas, a grand opening or new location, a press release is an important way to get the word out about you and your practice. The message content should be helpful, informative, and provide support for additional marketing efforts.

Helping You Get the Word Out

SEO 1 Medical is an invaluable partner for designing & distributing press releases for doctors, practitioners, and care providers. We design your press release for maximum impact. From the choice of subject matter, to individual keywords and content, we are experienced at crafting releases that get noticed.

When it comes to distribution, we have relationships with the best outlets for news about the health care industry and medical services providers, and we will make sure that your releases are treated attentively and with great care. SEO 1 Medical will ensure that literally hundreds of websites will become your promotional partners and help get out the word.