Organic SEO

What is organic SEO? Basically, it is a range of tactics that are designed to optimize the organization and content of your website to ensure the highest possible page ranking on the major Internet search engines. A higher ranking means more traffic, more traffic translates into more patients, and more patients means your practice can achieve the growth it needs to meet your professional goals.

SEO 1 Medical proudly specializes in delivering outstanding organic SEO results to our clients in the medical services industry. Organic SEO is geared to provide successful results over the mid- to long term, while search engine marketing (which we also provide) is a better choice for short term SEO solutions.

Some of our organic SEO services:

  • Website Analysis – We’ll check your code for compliance, review your linking architecture, optimize your HTML tags, make sure all your pages are indexed, and more.
  • Keyword Research – Your content needs to reflect your practice and your goals. We’ll make sure that the correct keywords are there, to get you the targeted traffic you need.
  • Competition Analysis – We also review what the other care providers in your area are doing online, and we make sure that you stay competitive.
  • Data Analysis – We review your site using Google Analytics and other tools, to find out where your traffic is coming from, how your keywords are performing, where your website is excelling, and where it needs more work.
  • Optimization – We will also let you know if we think your website could benefit from a more aggressive online marketing plan, including article marketing, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and more.

Of course we do much more! And we only use SEO techniques that are approved of by the search engine community – no black hat SEO means you never have to worry about your ranking being penalized, or your website banned. That is our guarantee to our clients.

Dedicated SEO for the Health Care Industry

That is what SEO 1 Medical does, and we are one of the only SEO providers in the world that is specialized for doctors, practitioners, and health care providers. You don’t want any SEO…you want search engine optimization that caters to the specific needs of your practice, and delivers results that are designed to help you succeed.