Pay Per Click

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC advertising offers smaller users the chance to benefit from a professional-style advertising campaign, at a fraction of the cost. Business owners select from one or more keywords that best represent common search terms for their website, the search provider scatters ads among related content and searches, and the business pays a fixed fee every time their advertisement is clicked.

Pay-Per-Click online advertising campaigns are not suitable for most health care providers, but this strategy can prove useful in limited circumstances. Paid advertising is particularly appropriate for the following uses:

Immediate Search Engine Results

PPC advertising usually provides results that are immediately noticeable. If you are looking for an instant bump in targeted traffic, perhaps to feed into additional onlinecampaign efforts that are intended to provide longer term results, Pay-Per-Click advertising is one way to go. This contrasts to results from an organic SEO campaign, which may take weeks or months to bear fruit.

Lower Online Advertising Costs

Businesses with smaller budgets may appreciate the reduced costs that accompany Pay-Per-Click advertising. Costs can be managed by having tightly focused keywords that ensure motivated visitors are clicking the ads and coming to the website. Organic SEO campaigns require a longer period of time and a greater level of ongoing management, which add up to increased expenses.

User Friendly

Business owners can typically administer the details of a PPC campaign themselves. Adjusting keywords will occur infrequently, and the search engine providers take care of the rest. There is also less risk of engaging in questionable behavior that could lead to search ranking penalties or other sanctions.

PPC Advertising for Health Care Providers

Pay-Per-Click is generally not ideally suited to the medical services profession, which traditionally finds more benefit from organic SEO efforts. But for a quick boost in highly-targeted traffic, perhaps for a practitioner that is new to the area and seeking to build a practice, a PPC advertising campaign could be just what the the online doctor ordered! SEO 1 Medical can help you launch a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign – we will research your local market, and provide you with a list of keywords that will bring you traffic and conversions.