Questions To ask Before Hiring a SEO Company

Before you hire anyone to perform SEO services, take the time to make sure that they are the right provider for you. You want to be certain that your expectations and theirs are in sync, so that there will be no misunderstandings once the project is underway. An in depth discussion can also help you get a better understanding of what might need to be done to your website.

At the very least, you should discuss the following questions with any SEO provider prior to hiring them:

  • Ask for examples of prior work and samples from successful campaigns. You want to be able to see some evidence that the provider is competent within the field.
  • Confirm that they adhere to W3C standards, Google Webmaster Guidelines, and other major protocols. If they do not adhere to these standards, you could run into problems later on.
  • Make sure that they offer more than just organic search services. A full-service provider should also be experienced at providing a complete roster of online marketing services & support.
  • Ask if they have a timeframe for results. Confirm that they expect to have meaningful results in a timeframe that makes sense for your needs.
  • Find out how they gage a successful campaign, and the results that they would expect. Different SEO providers have different measures of success, and some might not match your expectations.
  • Confirm that the SEO provider has experience in the health care/medical services provider industry. Certain aspects of successful SEO are consistent regardless of industry, but you want to make certain that your provider has the specialized knowledge that will make a real difference.
  • Confirm that the SEO provider has experience in your country or city. Cultural differences can be subtle, and you can be sure that visitors to your website will notice grammar that is out of place, or details that do not fit expectations.
  • Ask what they feel is their most important or winning SEO technique. The provider should be able to speak confidently & enthusiastically about their trade.
  • Find out how long they have been in business providing SEO work. If you feel the need, you might be able to confirm details with a brief web search.
  • Make sure that they will be communicative and provide regular updates about how the work is progressing. Nothing is more frustrating than hiring someone and not knowing what they are up to.