Marketing Services

A fully-realized online marketing campaign is something far beyond what many SEO providers are trained to deliver, which is another thing that sets SEO 1 Medical apart. Our clients in the health care industry count on us to deliver comprehensive solutions to elevate their page ranking, boost traffic, and attract new patients. Just a sample of the services we offer to our clients (please click on individual services for additional information):

Organic SEO 

Tried and true, organic SEO is our specialty – our expertise allows us to consistently deliver outstanding results to our clients. SEO 1 Medical focuses on the needs of doctors and health care practitioners, so we have a complete understanding of the unique needs of the industry with regard to organic SEO. If you want search engine results that will stand the test of time, organic search engine optimization is the way to go.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

PPC is not always the best solution, but it can be extremely effective in some cases. Pay-Per-Click campaigns require a knowledgeable hand at the tiller, otherwise you end up racking up huge expenses due to poor keyword selection and non-converting visitors. We’ll make sure that every word counts for you!

Article Marketing

Let SEO 1 Medical help elevate you to to the top of your profession. Article marketing drives traffic to your site and enhances your reputation for innovation and outstanding service… two benefits in one!

Press Release Distribution

Get the word out about your practice with press releases designed and distributed by our expert public relations team. We have top-level contacts in the health care industry that will ensure your release generates positive publicity.

Google Optimization

There is no substitute for designing your site with the world’s number one search engine in mind. Our Google optimization services make sure that your site is easily navigable, fully indexed, and ranked at or near the top for several crucial keywords. Supercharge traffic to your site!

Local Search

Make yourself visible to potential clients in your area. Local search services ensure that searches for practitioners in your area include your listing front and center. This service goes beyond normal SEO, and concentrates of boosting